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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Well lets see,

im getting sick again, its startin to suck to always be sick, the bloodly noses, the cant stand, the coughting, I feel helpless but whatever.

I am still single, i guess its for the better. I do have someone im interested in but at lastwhy does he have to live so far from me. His smile, his laugh his touch is EVERYTHING i ever wanted. but when you live in worlds apart it sucks,

well work is goin okay i guess. i have been doing so much of it I have not had time to really do anything else, no goin out. no drinking no friends oh well. This friday we are goin out to the country club here to do some dancin I guess that will be fun,

well thats enough for right now i cant really think,

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Thursday, May 03, 2007
A new beginning

This is the Start of a new Time for me.

I have not written in here for a long time. but its Time for me to start to write agian. To be hoenst, it feels awesome. But then again I have grown up alot since i have last written.  I have gotten older. as well as learn some life lessons.

I started to work as a Deli worker back in july, when i was layed off at my other job. i didnt have a choice to be honest, it was that or loose my car. then back in november of 2006 I injuried my shoulder pretty bad and have been on L and I since then. 

They finally got it to where i can move it but if i lift more then 10 pounds i feel as if im goin to throw out my arm.

also i was dating a few people, the last one was different then any other guy i have dated.  He was a musician, cute, hot, older. but had a problem.  when he would drink he would get pissed. Not like it.

I also dated a navy man. lets just say this, he was not a good choice. i can put him in the list of dating DONTS.  LOL cronic drinker, mentally abuser and put a woman down. also he would wanna "fuck" you right after he was totally plastard. Not a good idea.

 Then there was "jesse". he was the clingy guy.  I dont know how to say it but he was different. he was nice and everything but the man would not leave me be, texting, emailing, calling.  I cant deal with it,  after a week of it, i had to stop it.  I was one day short of saying the " I Love You" to me, Scarry.

well thats all for now. i think its time to write more here.

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