Entry: Rest in Peace Sunday, October 14, 2007

The man i fell inlove with died friday night. he was everytthing. my protector. my heart. my soul he was the kindest. sweetest. man. he was truely the only one i could fully trust my with all my soul, the man who incourage me to do things i  would not even dare to do. the man who told me to open my heart and love again.  Died. I love you Micheal.

he was cleanin his gutters out of his house thrusday morning and fell off the roof.  i talked to him that night and morning after he got home from the hospital and he was okay, from what he told me, but he talk to his friend to take him to the hospital friday night and he pass away with interal bleeding in his brain.

I love you Micheal. You are forever and EVER in my heart. and my soul.


October 15, 2007   07:15 PM PDT
im sorry
J f Z
October 14, 2007   08:40 AM PDT
That's so tragic. My sincere condolences to you and to his friends and family.

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